This past year has been filled with a marvel of art, travel and fascinating people.

Fourteen artists gathered for an Open Studio experience at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, to create a wild assortment IMG_3939

of art, from big canvases to artist’s books. I worked on a series of quick portraits, searching for the elusive likeness that can come from spontaneity. It was a time for intense focus, with shared meals provided by Mabel’s talented kitchen staff.



Peggy Murphy’s watercolor.

HorningLynne Horning landscape, and Lark Burkhart’s

painted canvas book below.


Three visits to the studios and environments of three Taos artists enlivened the week. Sasha vom Dorp shared his sound and

light photography, which shared an amazing emotional feeling with Barbara Zaring’s poured mixed media canvases. Angele Mason, priestess of her temple on the mesa, awed us with a sound bath created by crystal bowls and gongs. We absorbed the wisdom of the stones in her Circle of Knowledge, walked her labyrinth and experienced the integration of soul and environment that Angele is constructing. It was a fitting finale to our week together, and left us all speechless and awed.

Save the dates for next year; September 11-17, 2016. In the Studio & Beyond, at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Taos, NM.


I’m excited to share a few images from the July workshop in Taos.

Fran Meneley

Fran Meneley

Hope Wurfeld

Hope Wurfeld

Norma Green

Norma Green

Ginna Brooks

Ginna Brooks

Ellen Gager

Ellen Gager



The paintings to the  right are by Charlotte Jorgensen.



(Sas apologizes for the poor formatting. She has much to learn about designing a blog.)


Here you see our exuberant group of artists on the final night of the July workshop. It was an extraordinary week of drawing and painting, accompanied by dramatic mountain thunderstorms, and moments of artistic breakthroughs. Stay tuned for photos of the accomplished artwork in future posts.

White 2014

Sheila Perry and I had a delightful drawing date at the Oakland Zoo a few weeks back. It was our first visit to the zoo and we appreciated the layout and that we could get close enough to really see the animals. We were especially drawn to the beautiful group (herd?) of seven giraffes, seemingly enjoying life in the Oakland hills. Have you ever watched a giraffe move from a standing to a sitting position? First they get down on their front knees, then their backside gently lowers to the ground. The choreography is equally fascinating going from sitting to standing. They sat still enough for us to draw them and get a good look at those knobs on their heads. As they moved around languorously they seemed to stay in groups, enjoying being close to each other. The Oakland Zoo is small enough to enjoy  a short visit, moving easily between the African elephants, the lion, monkeys and birds. Thanks, Sheila, for a pleasant outing


My sketch book. I added the spots later back in my studio.plate


Magritte plate from the NYMOMA gift shop



The Weeping Cedar

The Weeping Atlas Cedar provides a dramatic background in the landscape of my small backyard garden.

40" x 36", Acrylic and Flasche on canvas

40″ x 36″, Acrylic and Flasche on canvas


My garden is in full, glorious, bloom — a riot of colors and textures. All my nerve endings are on-alert! Soon, even the garden Buddha will be obscured by the red Kangaroo Paws with the “dragon” teeth. I’m making an inventory of  flowers and their corresponding paint colors. So far, nothing in Crinacridone Orange.

36" x 40". acrylic, Flasche and collaged prayer flags on canvas.

36″ x 40″. acrylic, Flasche and collaged prayer flags on canvas.

You’ll be hearing more from me now as the workshop season is upon us and I’m making plans for the trip to Taos.

Winter Garden

Acrylic on canvas, 30" x 30"

Acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 30″